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A fast power losses calculation method for long real time thermal simulation of IGBT module for a three-phase inverter system is presented in this paper. The speed-up is obtained by simplifying the representation of the three-phase inverter at the system modelling stage this allows a inverter system to be simulated predicting the effective voltages and(More)
In this paper, a predictive dead-beat proportional-integral (PI) current control algorithm is studied for shunt active power filters (APFs). To investigate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme a digital control based simulation model is built using commercially available VisSim software. Performance comparison with different control schemes are(More)
An elliptical, electroosmosis device, with many micro channel flow paths has been designed to circulate liquid to cool hot spots on a microprocessor chip. A pair of electrodes deposited 3 mm apart, across the channels, was employed to impose external electric potential. A preliminary experimental setup has been fabricated to determine the flow rate and heat(More)
This paper explores the use of a dynamic virtual impedance approach to load sharing as an alternative to the more generic droop load sharing scheme for low-voltage islanded micro-grids. The approach is based on taking advantage of the power decoupling capability of the virtual impedance scheme to facilitate appropriate load sharing based on the available(More)
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