P M Huchzermeyer

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OBJECTIVE To determine the long-term control of sialorrhea in children who underwent submandibular duct rerouting (SMDR) and to identify potential preoperative predictors of outcome. DESIGN Retrospective chart review of children who underwent SMDR; information updated by discussion with the permanent caregiver. SETTING Tertiary care center. PATIENTS(More)
The extraction of impacted foreign bodies from the oesophagus is frequently performed using forceps under endoscopic guidance. We report the case of a 23-year-old prisoner who ingested a lump of cannabis resin which could not be removed from the upper oesophagus with forceps alone. We recommend the use of a Fogarty balloon catheter in conjunction with(More)
Seven infants with unilateral parotid haemangiomas seen at one centre are presented. Their case notes and special investigations are reviewed. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is revealed as the investigation of choice because of picture quality, definition of soft tissues and lack of exposure to ionizing radiation. MRI allows a definite diagnosis to be(More)
This study evaluates the use of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions as an alternative to pure tone audiometry for the assessment of hearing after tympanostomy tube insertion. Otoacoustic emissions and pure tone audiometry were carried out in 32 patients in whom tympanostomy tubes had been inserted. Otoacoustic emissions were detected in 78% of patients,(More)
Gunshot wounds specific to the oropharynx are extremely rare with no reported cases of such injury in the world literature. The importance of such cases rests on the use of modern imaging techniques including computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and vascular imaging in the making of management decisions and particularly in deciding the need for(More)
A case is reported of swelling over the mastoid process due to subgaleal abscess possibly secondary to trivial cutaneous trauma. The diagnosis was difficult as subgaleal abscess is an extremely rare condition especially after the advent of the antibiotic era. The route of entry of the infection to the subgaleal space was unclear as there was no skin(More)
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