P M Hayman

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This was a non-analogue study of the effects of assertion training on depression. Twenty-six moderately depressed females (X = 21.3 years) were assigned randomly to assertion training or delay-control groups. Results partially supported the effectiveness of treatment. Experimental Ss became significantly more assertive and engaged in significantly more(More)
  • C R Albright, Ashbrook, Aldwin, C M Levenson, Spiro, J C Maynard +233 others
  • 2011
use among young adults prior to entering the military. cognitive performance during a command and control simulation. combustion product analysis on an M16 rifle and a 105mm caliber gun. superiors and subordinates perceptions of military academy leadership. attributes and behaviors predicting emergence of leader effectiveness.efficacy in coping with(More)
Investigated the use of the Revised Beta for predicting WAIS-R scores of low functioning minority group criminal offenders. Ninety black and Hispanic offenders who scored below 80 on the Beta were administered the WAIS-R. For the entire group, mean scores on the two measures were correlated only moderately and were not interchangeable. Offenders scored(More)
Investigated the utility of the Revised Beta as a screening device for low-functioning minority-group criminal offenders. Forty-seven black and Hispanic offenders who scored below 85 on the Beta were administered the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). Mean scores for this sample were correlated only mildly. Furthermore, the means were not comparable;(More)
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