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AIMS Development of a computer model of genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the human cell nucleus for DNA damage and repair calculations. The model comprises the human genomic DNA, chromosomal domains, and loops attached to factories. MATERIAL AND METHODS A model of canonical B-DNA was used to build the nucleosomes and the 30-nanometer solenoidal(More)
We investigated the kinetics of simple and complex types of double-strand breaks (DSB) using our newly proposed mechanistic mathematical model for NHEJ DSB repair. For this purpose the simulated initial spectrum of DNA DSB, induced in an atomistic canonical model of B-DNA by low-energy single electron tracks, 100 eV to 4.55 keV, and the electrons generated(More)
ETHOS is a pilot research project supported by the radiation protection research program of the European Commission (DG XII). The project provides an alternative approach to the rehabilitation of living conditions in the contaminated territories of the CIS in the post-accident context of Chernobyl. Initiated at the beginning of 1996, this 3-y project is(More)
The purpose of this work is to test the hypothesis that kinetics of double strand breaks (DSB) repair is governed by complexity of DSB. To test the hypothesis we used our recent published mechanistic mathematical model of DSB repair for DSB induced by selected protons, deuterons, and helium ions of different energies representing radiations of different(More)
This study uses quantitative and qualitative survey data on the use of public-private partnership in provision and production of public services by municipalities in predominantly rural New Hampshire (USA). Descriptive analysis suggests that town officials are less satisfied with the quality of privatized services, suggesting that privatization involves(More)
PURPOSE To put radioprobing into context as a relatively new method of determining structural detail in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and to review its use since first proposed in 1997. The key feature of the method is that, by experiment or simulation, a radionuclide such as iodine-125 ((125)I) is placed near the DNA at a known point relative to the DNA(More)
During a traumatic situation, families often are unable to gather the strength and resources they need to cope. Family roles change, and the ability of individuals to deal with daily problems often diminishes. By helping children feel comfortable with the concept of death, one can work toward a greater understanding of death throughout society. This article(More)
PURPOSE Certain guanine-rich DNA sequences have the capacity to fold into four-stranded structures stabilized by the stacking of square planar arrangements of four hydrogen-bonded guanine bases. However both the overall topology of folding and the more detailed three dimensional structure of these quadruplexes is difficult to determine or predict, and they(More)
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