P. M. Ferreira

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The analysis of the Higgs boson data by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations appears to exhibit an excess of h ! events above the Standard Model (SM) expectations, whereas no significant excess is observed in h ! ZZ Ã ! four lepton events, albeit with large statistical uncertainty due to the small data sample. These results (assuming they persist with further(More)
This chapter of the report of the " Flavour in ther era of LHC " workshop discusses flavour related issues in the production and decays of heavy states at LHC, both from the experimental side and from the theoretical side. We review top quark physics and discuss flavour aspects of several extensions of the Standard Model, such as supersymmetry, little Higgs(More)
n long-term oral rehabilitation treatments, resistance of provisional crowns is a very important factor, especially in cases of an extensive edentulous distal space. The aim of this laboratorial study was to evaluate an acrylic resin cantilever-type prosthesis regarding the flexural strength of its in-balance portion as a function of its extension variation(More)
The recent trend of humanoid robotics research has been deeply influenced by concepts such as distributed architectures, local control, force interaction and emergence of coordinated motions. A hypothesis is that feedback control from several sensors, such as force sensors and inertial devices, and more advanced control algorithms will be a key issue for(More)
In the two-Higgs-doublet model (THDM), generalized-CP transformations (ϕ i → X ij ϕ * j where X is unitary) and unitary Higgs-family transformations (ϕ i → U ij ϕ j) have recently been examined in a series of papers. In terms of gauge-invariant bilinear functions of the Higgs fields ϕ i , the Higgs-family transformations and the generalized-CP(More)
OBJECTIVES The complexity and heterogeneity of human bone, as well as ethical issues, frequently hinder the development of clinical trials. The purpose of this in vitro study was to determine the modulus of elasticity of a polyurethane isotropic experimental model via tension tests, comparing the results to those reported in the literature for mandibular(More)
We consider the two-Higgs-doublet model as a framework in which to evaluate the viability of scenarios in which the sign of the coupling of the observed Higgs boson to down-type fermions (in particular, b-quark pairs) is opposite to that of the Standard Model (SM), while at the same time all other tree-level couplings are close to the SM values. We show(More)
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