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This study was carried out on three observers by means of a highly sensitive infra-red optometer, the principle of which is recalled, associated with other measurement techniques. We found the accommodative "resting position" to coincide with minimum astigmatic ocular aberration, but not necessarily with maximum ocular optical quality, as suggested by(More)
Mean responses and fluctuations of accommodation were recorded by means of a high-sensitivity infra-red optometer over a large dioptric range (+3 to -9 D). We found that both the effective absolute amplitude and the 2 Hz relative activity of fluctuations of accommodation exhibit a maximum within the -1 to -4 D range of stimulus vergence for which the focus(More)
The mean level and microfluctuations of accommodation were objectively recorded, in natural viewing conditions, by infrared optometry on steady presentation of various combinations of achromatic and coloured Snellen E on achromatic or coloured fields, with or without a luminance contrast. In addition to the absolute mean power spectrum of the(More)
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