P. M. C. Rourke

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Combining old and new de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) and magnetoresis-tance data, we arrive at a detailed picture of the Fermi surface of the heavy fermion superconductor UPt 3. Our work was partially motivated by a new proposal that two 5f valence electrons per formula unit in UPt 3 are localized by correlation effects-agreement with previous dHvA measurements(More)
A new algorithm for extracting de Haas – van Alphen frequencies, effective masses, and electronic density of states contributions from calculated band energies is presented. The algorithm creates an interpolated k-space " super cell " , which is broken into slices perpendicular to the desired magnetic field direction. Fermi surface orbits are located within(More)
The magnetic field-induced changes in the conductivity of metals are the subject of intense interest, both for revealing new phenomena and as a valuable tool for determining their Fermi surface. Here we report a hitherto unobserved magnetoresistive effect in ultra-clean layered metals, namely a negative longitudinal magnetoresistance that is capable of(More)
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