P. M. Anandarajah

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A directly modulated laser diode with external light injection is used to generate microwave optical signals for a hybrid radio/fiber system. The external light injection greatly enhances the frequency response of the laser, and thus, significantly improves the overall performance of the hybrid system. Experimental results show a 14-dB improvement in system(More)
The authors present the design and characterization of a novel integrated two-section discrete mode index patterned diode laser source. The two slotted regions etched into the laser ridge waveguide are formed in the same fabrication step as the ridge, thus avoiding the requirement for complex lithography and regrowth steps. The laser is encased in a(More)
A two-photon absorption microcavity-based technique for monitoring in-band optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) in nonreturn-to-zero phase-shift-keying systems is presented. Experiments using a 10-Gb/s differential phase-shift-keying system showed that accurate measurements (±1 dB) were possible for OSNRs in excess of 20 dB.
The authors investigate and compare the performance of three different optical frequency comb sources in an intensity modulated and directly detected compatible SSB OFDM system. The influence of relative intensity noise and carrier-to-noise ratio of the different multicarrier sources, on the performance of a 12.5 Gb/s compatible SSB OFDM system, were(More)
A radio over fiber distribution system incorporating both sub-carrier multiplexing (SCM) and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technologies is presented. The SCM signal contains five 155-Mbit/s data channels, centered around 18.5 GHz with 450 MHz spacing. This signal is directly modulated onto three high-speed lasers with emission frequencies spaced by(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate the generation of transform-limited short optical pulses, which display excellent spectral and temporal qualities by employing a novel technology, based on an externally injected gain-switched laser in conjunction with a nonlinearly chirped grating. Using this technique, 3.5-ps optical pulses exhibiting a time-bandwidth product(More)
We demonstrate and compare the generation and distribution of pulse position modulation (PPM) ultrawideband (UWB) signals, based on two different techniques using a gain-switched laser (GSL). One uses a GSL followed by two external modulators, while the second technique employs two laser diodes gain switched (GS) using a combined signal from a pattern(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a photonic multichannel terahertz (THz) wireless system with up to four optical subcarriers and total capacity as high as 100 Gb/s by employing an externally injected gain-switched laser comb source. Highly coherent multiple optical carriers with different spacing are produced using the gain switching technique.(More)
Tunable lasers (TL) have been widely deployed in Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) systems. In the drive to achieve a high Information Spectral Density (ISD), on these WDM systems, carriers are also starting to investigate the use of advanced modulation formats [1]. Phase-shift-keyed (PSK) format, which carries information in optical phase, offers high(More)
A real-time 5×21.6 Gbit/s WDM electro-optical transceiver is presented. Optical carriers were spaced by 20 GHz and each one transmitted four orthogonally overlapping broadband subcarriers. Only analogue electronics were employed, achieving an unprecedented spectral efficiency in DSP-less SCM links.