P. Lucas

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This paper reviews the state of the art in model-based systems and qualitative reasoning, and considers where the field will be in twenty years time. It highlights six areas where developments in model-based systems in general, and in qualitative reasoning in particular, have the potential to provide significant computer-based help. The paper also examines(More)
Context The performance analysis of parallel programs consists in the observation of the runtime behavior of the application, searching for performance problems and bottlenecks. This analysis is essential to correctly deploy an application in the platform, maximizing eciently the utilization of available resources. The network topology and the processing(More)
25 Such indexes are not exact (in the sense that the collection of ranges on constrained variables in a tuple only approximates the values represented by the tuple) but can be used to perform ltering for selections and indexed joins on constrained attributes. We have presented an analog of a sort join based on ranges using techniques from computational(More)
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