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An approach is presented to the construction of a liquid rocket Health Monitoring (HM) system capable of using both, vibratory and thermo-dynamic data. Preliminary results are obtained in the area of vibration data tracking/identification, using as a test bed a low-order linear dynamic model of the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) High Pressure Fuel(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. ABSTRACT We have developed a mission concept that uses 3-unit cubesats to perform new measurements of lunar magnetic fields, less than 100 meters above the Moon's surface. The mission calls for sending the cubesats on impact trajectories to(More)
Communication is the key to effective teamwork regardless of whether the team members are humans or machines. Much of the communication that makes human teams so effective is non-verbal; they are able to recognize the actions that the other team members are performing and take their own actions in order to assist. A robotic team member should be able to(More)
This work presents a space-time adaptive framework for simulating multi-phase flows through porous media, with specific applications to flows in oil reservoirs. A fully unstructured discretization of space and time is used instead of a conventional time-marching approach. For d-dimensional spatial problems, this requires the generation of (d+1)-dimensional(More)
Space systems are inherently difficult to verify prior to launch due to the challenges of replicating the space environment through ground testing. The SPHERES testbed on the International Space Station has provided a risk-tolerant test facility for evaluating enabling technology. The operational execution of the SPHERES facility has resulted in the(More)
In the Bayesian statistical paradigm, uncertainty in the parameters of a physical system is characterized by a probability distribution. Information from observations is incorporated by updating this distribution from prior to posterior. Quantities of interest, such as credible regions, event probabilities, and other expectations can then be obtained from(More)
  • Maches By, Jeffrey A Mockelman, B S Aeronautical Engineering, Eanuel Martinez-Sanchez, Paulo C Lozano
  • 2015
This thesis presents efforts to better understand the breathing-mode oscillation within Hall thrusters. These oscillations have been present and accepted within Hall thrusters for decades, but recent interest in the oscillation has occurred partly due to a possible connection between wall erosion and the oscillations. The first part of this thesis details a(More)
  • Kr St / Na Barile, Edward M Greitzer, H N Slater, Paulo C Lozano, Kristina Barile, Thesis Supervisor
  • 2015
Loss generation features for the first stage impeller in a multistage centrifugal compressor are examined using three-dimensional RANS computations. The calculations were carried out for a baseline configuration and for seven other impeller configurations, with the constraints of constant mass flow and constant work per unit mass flow. The computations(More)