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The article deals with a method of calculation of off-axis light propagation between parallel planes using discretization of the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld integral and its implementation by fast convolution. It analyses zero-padding in case of different plane sizes. In case of memory restrictions, it suggests splitting the calculation into tiles and shows that(More)
This technical report describes how to calculate coherent light propagation in a free space between parallel planes. The method descibed is based on the RayleighSommerfeld integral of the first kind and it serves as a reference method for evaluation of other, faster methods. The method presented solves the problem of signal aliasing by upsampling, filtering(More)
Calculations of free space light propagation, such as those used in digital holography, deal with distances much longer than a wavelength. Computer representation of real numbers must therefore provide enough precision to handle this situation. We show that single precision must be used with the utmost care, which is especially important in GPU(More)
In computer applications, work with terrains is very often needed. Requirements on data structure of the terrain model depend on the application. Here we present data structure destined mainly for image synthesis software. Presented data structure is able to store complex terrain features such a s o v erhangs and caves. Notes about implementation are also(More)
In computational Fourier optics, computer generated holography, etc., coherent light propagation calculation between parallel planes is the essential task. A proper calculation discretization in the off-axis case leads to big memory demands in order to avoid aliasing errors. The proposed method typically cuts down the memory demands one hundred times. The(More)
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