P. Lindner

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  • Serkan Arslanalp, Takahiro Tsuda, Ali Abbas, Jochen Andritzky, Tamim Bayoumi, Fabian Bornhorst +19 others
  • 2012
Recent events have shown that sovereigns, just like banks, can be subject to runs, highlighting the importance of the investor base for their liabilities. This paper proposes a methodology for compiling internationally comparable estimates of investor holdings of sovereign debt. Based on this methodology, it introduces a dataset for 24 major advanced(More)
This paper examines the influence of third-party observation and third-party reward on behavior in an experimental prisoner's dilemma (PD) game. Whereas the existing literature on third-party intervention as a means to sustain social norms has dealt almost exclusively with third-party punishment, we show that both third-party observation and third-party(More)
We shall discuss the following phenomena found in various colloidal systems in shear flow. We recently observed shear-banding in suspensions of fd-virus in a cylindrical shear cell. Small angle light scattering experiments revealed that the shear-banding transition is preceded by a relatively fast process (minutes) of nematic-to-paranematic phase separation(More)
The crystal structure of a mutant form of the single-chain fragment (scFv), derived from the monoclonal anti-His tag antibody 3D5, in complex with a hexahistidine peptide has been determined at 2.7 A ˚ resolution. The pep-tide binds to a deep pocket formed at the interface of the variable domains of the light and the heavy chain, mainly through hydrophobic(More)
  • Abdullah Al-Hassan, Michael Papaioannou, Martin Skancke, Cheng Chih Sung, Cheng Chih, Sung +10 others
  • 2013
This paper presents in a systematic (normative) manner the salient features of a SWF's governance structure, in relation to its objectives and investment management that can ensure its efficient operation and enhance its financial performance. In this context, it distinguishes among the various governing bodies and analyzes key aspects of the investment(More)
The views expressed in this document are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the government of Israel or the Executive Board of the IMF. The policy of publication of staff reports and other documents by the IMF allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information. (Office of the Executive Director), took part in meetings(More)
We report on hollow shell-shell nanogels with two polymer shells that have different volume phase transition temperatures. By means of small angle neutron scattering (SANS) employing contrast variation and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations we show that hollow shell-shell nanocontainers are ideal systems for controlled drug delivery: The temperature(More)
Short-term risks have moderated in the past six months as markets have shown resilience to a number of shocks. Pressures on emerging market assets have eased, helped by firmer commodity prices, reduced uncertainty about China's near-term prospects, and expectations of lower interest rates in advanced economies. But medium-term risks are rising in a new(More)
Following demand from the user community regarding the possibility of improving the experimental resolution, the dedicated high-intensity/extended Q-range SANS diffractometer KWS-2 of the Jü lich Centre for Neutron Science at the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Center in Garching was equipped with a double-disc chopper with a variable opening slit window and(More)
57 As we have seen at the beginning of the Great Recession, the household sector of an economy played a central role in the financial (in)stability that developed after the bust of the housing bubble in the U.S.A. (see e.g. Acharya et al., 2009; Claessens et al., 2010). Debelle (2004) had already pointed out that it is the distribution of debt that needs to(More)