P. Li

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BACKGROUND Modern medicine often clashes with traditional medicine such as Chinese herbal medicine because of the little understanding of the underlying mechanisms of action of the herbs. In an effort to promote integration of both sides and to accelerate the drug discovery from herbal medicines, an efficient systems pharmacology platform that represents(More)
— Streaming real-time multimedia content over the Internet is gaining momentum in the communications, entertainment, music and interactive game industries as well as in the military. In general, streaming applications include IP telephony, multimedia broadcasts and various interactive applications such as multi-party conferences, collaborations and(More)
In order to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and contrast-to-noise ratio, this paper introduces a local variance-controlled forward-and-backward (LVCFAB) diffusion algorithm for edge enhancement and noise reduction. In our algorithm, an alternative FAB diffusion algorithm is proposed. The results for the alternative FAB algorithm show better algorithm(More)
In broadband downlink transmission, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) combined with code-division multiple access (CDMA) is a prospective technique for high-data rate transmission in future wireless communication systems. By adding spatial diversity, multiple-input and multiple-output orthogonal frequency and code division multiplexing(More)
Synthetic oligonucleotides, complementary to unique sequences in the heat stable enterotoxin gene of Escherichia coli specific for humans, were prepared with a 30-atom spacer arm and a 3' terminal sulfhydryl group which was coupled to bromoacetyl-derivatized alkaline phosphatase. The resulting direct enzyme-linked oligonucleotide probes, containing one(More)
Tactile sensory feedback plays a key role in accomplishing the dexterous manipulation of prosthetic hands for the amputees, and the non-invasive transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) of the phantom finger perception (PFP) area would be an effective way to realize sensory feedback clinically. In order to realize the high-spatial-resolution(More)
Given the complex nature of cardiovascular disease (CVD), information derived from a systems-level will allow us to fully interrogate features of CVD to better understand disease pathogenesis and to identify new drug targets. Here, we describe a systematic assessment of the multi-layer interactions underlying cardiovascular drugs, targets, genes and(More)
Background: Many HIV databases and applications focus on a limited domain of HIV knowledge. Since even a ''simple'' organism like HIV represents a very complex system with many interacting elements, the fractured structure of existing databases and applications likely limits our ability to investigate and understand HIV. To facilitate research, therefore,(More)