P. Lertprasert

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In this paper, we investigate the design and construction of improved-resolution x-ray detector. Our detector is an array of photo-transistors coated with gadolinium based phosphor similar that used in the x-ray cassettes and used in advanced medical CT detector. The x-ray array detector module consists of two main part: the detector frontend and data(More)
This paper presents three-dimensional finite element analyses of microwave ablation. We studied the characteristics of various monopole antennas for microwave ablation by analyzing the magnetic and electric field distributions at frequency of 2.45 GHz. Four configurations of monopole antennas were considered: open-tip, dielectric-tip, metal-tip and slot(More)
Microwave coagulation therapy (MCT) has been used mainly for the treatment of small-size tumors. The operating frequency is 2450 MHz for the present MCT. In this paper, we analyzed the heating characteristics (temperature distributions patterns, lesion on size and etc.) of an applicator composed of thin microwave antenna. The configurations of thin(More)
This paper presented a design of a low-cost X-ray detector using CMOS camera with an application on bone mineral content estimation. The main components consist of CMOS camera, optical lens, and image intensifier screen. CMOS camera offers various advantages including miniature-sized, low power consumption and cost effective. To apply the CMOS camera as(More)
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