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In an age where medical collaboration is the key to effective healthcare delivery and continuity of care, the location of experts and the management of their time are affecting the wide deployment of eHealth services. In this setting, the use of instant messaging and presence technologies provides a possible solution. A collaboration platform based on(More)
An open eHealth platform for health management using adaptable service profiles for different medical specialties is currently being validated in the regional health information network of Santorini, in the Southern Aegean region of Greece. The core of the installation is an electronic health record (EHR), customized for primary care, that has been extended(More)
Integrated r egional networks provide an infrastructure for the deployment of accountable, accessible, and secure teleconsultation services. In addition, the use of clinical protocols, combined with the automated retrieval of relevant health data, can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teleconsultation sessions. In the context of HYGEIAnet, the(More)
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