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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is characterized by a total inspiratory occlusion of the extrathoracic airways with persisting respiratory effort. During obstructive breathing efforts the intrathoracic pressure (ITP) falls below-20 Torr. This should augment venous return by depleting the blood from the extrathoracic veins into the thoracic veins, thus pre-(More)
Twelve experienced train drivers were asked to operate the train function safety circuit (SIFA)--a paced secondary motor task which is expected to guarantee the driver's fitness for service on engines of the German Federal Railway--under laboratory conditions of extreme monotony. In spite of massive decreases in vigilance as shown by theta-activity in the(More)
Twelve truck drivers operated the train function safety circuit (SIFA), a paced secondary task used as a job monitor on German railways engines, under laboratory conditions of extreme monotony, in a comparison with 12 train drivers who were well acquainted with SIFA. Alertness was determined by means of EEG evaluations. Heart rate was monitored as the(More)
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