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PURPOSE Parallel imaging allows the reconstruction of images from undersampled multicoil data. The two main approaches are: SENSE, which explicitly uses coil sensitivities, and GRAPPA, which makes use of learned correlations in k-space. The purpose of this work is to clarify their relationship and to develop and evaluate an improved algorithm. THEORY AND(More)
For the last two years, we have been experimenting with applying compressed sensing parallel imaging for body imaging of pediatric patients. It is a joint-effort by teams from UC Berkeley, Stanford University and GE Healthcare. This paper aims to summarize our experience so far. We describe our acquisition approach: 3D spoiled-gradient-echo with(More)
Electrochemical oxidation is a promising technology to treatment of bio-refractory wastewater. Coking wastewater contains high concentration of refractory and toxic compounds and the water quality usually cannot meet the discharge standards after conventional biological treatment processes. This paper initially investigated the electrochemical oxidation(More)
Pediatric body MRI exams often cover multiple body parts, making the development of broadly applicable protocols and obtaining uniform fat suppression a challenge. Volumetric T2 imaging with Dixon-type fat-water separation might address this challenge, but it is a lengthy process. We develop and evaluate a faster two-echo approach to volumetric T2 imaging(More)
CONTEXT Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels (Apiaceae) polysaccharides (ASP) may play a key role in anti-ischemic activity. However, the anti-atherosclerotic activity and mechanism are unknown. OBJECTIVE This study investigated the protective effects of ASP against ox-LDL-induced senescence of EPCs and explored its underlying molecular mechanisms. MATERIALS(More)
Aerobic granules were utilized as an effective biosorbent to remove Cr(3+) from aqueous solution. The results showed that the initial pH, contact time, and Cr(3+) concentration affected the biosorption process significantly. Both Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms were able to describe the equilibrium data reasonably with high correlation coefficients(More)
This meta-analysis was conducted to assess the association between coffee consumption and prostate cancer risk. Thirteen cohort studies with 34,105 cases and 539,577 participants were included in the meta-analysis. The summary relative risks (RRs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for different coffee intake levels were calculated. Dose-response(More)
Advanced treatment of coking wastewater was investigated experimentally with coagulation and zero-valent iron (ZVI) processes. Particular attention was paid to the effect of dosage and pH on the removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the two processes. The results showed that ZVI was more effective than coagulation for advanced treatment of coking(More)
PURPOSE To develop and evaluate motion-compensation and compressed-sensing techniques in 4D flow MRI for anatomical assessment in a comprehensive ferumoxytol-enhanced congenital heart disease (CHD) exam. MATERIALS AND METHODS A Cartesian 4D flow sequence was developed to enable intrinsic navigation and two variable-density sampling schemes: VDPoisson and(More)
Experiments were conducted to investigate the behavior of the integrated system with biofilm reactors and zero-valent iron (ZVI) process for coking wastewater treatment. Particular attention was paid to the performance of the integrated system for removal of organic and inorganic nitrogen compounds. Maximal removal efficiencies of chemical oxygen demand(More)