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Analogies and differences between the growth-promoting action of fusicoccin (FC), the toxic agent produced by Fusicoccum amygdali, and of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in etiolated pea internode segments were further investigated. It was confirmed that the effect of FC, at optimal concentration, on growth by cell enlargement is markedly higher (ca. 70%) than(More)
Auxin and fusicoccin (FC) stimulate the active uptake of 3-O-methyl glucose (3-O-MG) in those materials in which they have been shown to activate an electrogenic proton extrusion (Pisum sativum L. stems, Zea mays L. coleoptiles and roots). In maize roots the curve relating 3-O-MG influx to external concentrations indicated that the values of the apparent Km(More)