P. L. Wendel

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Bioimpedance measurements have previously shown that cancerous tissues in many cases have a higher characteristic frequency than normal tissues. This paper tries to find an index which is sensitive to variation in the characteristic frequency but is independent of the impedance value itself. Calculated indexes from several publications in most cases show(More)
The vascular endothelium interacts with all types of blood cells and is a key modulator of local and systemic inflammatory processes, for example, in the adhesion of blood leukocytes to endothelial cells (EC) and the following extravasation into the injured tissue. The endothelium is constantly exposed to mechanical forces caused by blood flow, and the(More)
For the Philips SL75/5, we have noticed that the performance of the beam (e.g. the hump) varies with the settings of the magnetron frequency and the gantry angle. This study investigated these changes and the optimum magnetron frequency setting was determined. The relation between the relative absorbed dose measured by the accelerator and the relative(More)
Electrometers used in dosimetric instruments need to be checked regularly in order to measure and maintain the prescribed dose to the patient. This paper describes the function of a simple but accurate test device for electrometers. A number of electrometers have been tested and compared with calibrations performed by the Swedish Standard Dosimetry(More)
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