P. L. Tabacchi

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We have studied the frequency of HLA-DR, -MT, and -MB antigens in adult patients with coeliac disease and in a group of healthy controls, evaluating the strength of the observed associations by measuring the aetiologic fractions. Among the antigens significantly associated with coeliac disease, MB2 (DQw2) showed an aetiologic fraction higher than those of(More)
The effect of different concentrations of LiCl or KCl (0.6-20 meq/liter) on PHA-stimulated lymphocytes from young, old, and Down's syndrome subjects was studied. LiCl showed a dramatic enhancing effect on [3H]thymidine incorporation induced by a suboptimal dose of PHA in old subjects and Down's syndrome patients. An increase of [3H]thymidine incorporation(More)
In view of a possible role of genetic factors in the etiology of chronic calcific pancreatitis, we undertook a study of the frequency of HLA antigens in this disease. Sixty-four patients with chronic calcific pancreatitis were typed for the HLA-A,-B and-C loci. Fourteen of these 64 patients (21.9%) were found to have antigen B13 compared to 7.5% of 425(More)
The redistribution with the time of concanavalin A (Con A) receptors at one pole of the cell after addition of FITC-Con A - so-called capping - in the peripheral blood lymphocytes from 13 aged subjects (mean: 84 +/- 1 years old), and of 16 noninstitutionalized patients affected by a syndrome of precocious aging, such as Down's syndrome (mean: 17 +/- 2 years(More)
Several oligo- and monosaccharides were studied for their capacity to modulate lymphocyte proliferation in human allogeneic and autologous mixed lymphocyte reactions (MLR). A defined subset of sugars showed a marked inhibitory effect on lymphocyte proliferative response in the majority of the allogeneic MLR combinations studied. The inhibitory effect(More)
1. As a defect of suppressor function has been hypothesized in the pathogenesis of coeliac disease, we measured, by monoclonal antibodies, the inducer/suppressor T-cell ratio in adult coeliac disease. 2. No statistical difference was observed between coeliac patients and healthy controls, irrespective of treatment and HLA status. 3. These results do not(More)
DNA repair after gamma radiation was studied in purified T lymphocytes from young and aged subjects. Two different assays were employed. In the first, T lymphocytes were stimulated with phytohemagglutinin (PHA) for 72 h and then treated with hydroxyurea, irradiated with 30 K rads and pulsed with [3H]thymidine (TdR) for 4 h. In the second, T lymphocytes were(More)
A homogeneous group of 53 Caucasian subjects with high-grade osteosarcoma (OS) was typed for HLA-A and B locus antigens. Although no significant differences in the distribution of these antigens were found in comparison with 425 local controls, a trend towards an increase of HLA-B18 and decrease of HLA-B12 was observed. All the patients underwent amputation(More)