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Powar, P.L., Minimal roughness property of the Delaunay triangulation: a shorter approach, Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 (1992) 491-494. Recently Rippa (1990) has investigated an interesting result which states that " The Delaunay triangulation of the data points minimizes the roughness measure of a Piecewise Linear Interpolating Surface (PLISJ for any(More)
Martin (I-continuity in topological spaces, Acta Mathematica, Faculty of Natural Sciences Constantine the Philosopher University Nitra, 6 (2003), 115-122.) has introduced an interesting concept of I-continuity of a function f. In this paper, a counter example to the assertion of Martin has been discussed which he has established in his result (Theorem 2.2),(More)
In the present paper, the authors have obtained a unique fixed point theorem for four maps using generalized altering distance function in four variables by considering a refined form of weak contraction than the form used in Theorem 2. 1 of [17] which reduces the computational part quite significantly. Common fixed point theorem of two mappings satisfying(More)
A generalized approach is introduced for getting minimal trim in one-dimensional cutting stock problem (1D-CSP) which occurs extensively while manufacturing of different engineering objects. Our study is especially focused on transmission tower manufacturing industry. The concept of computing total trim by using the idea of pre-defined sustainable trim has(More)
Diabetic Retinopathy is a major medical problem that causes damage to the eye. A need arises to detect it at an early stage. Since this ailment is symptomless, it can only be a diagnosed by oculist. Currently, the trained eye care specialists are not able to screen the exponential increase in the number of Diabetic Retinopathy patients. An automated(More)
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