P. L. Mauri

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Recent reports describe successful treatment using copper chelation therapy in neurodegenerative animal models. However, the success claimed for chelation therapy in neurodegenerative diseases is still rather controversial. To acquire new information on copper metabolism/homeostasis, we utilized cuprizone, a very sensitive and selective copper-chelating(More)
Recent data suggest that the complexation of standardised Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) with soy-derived phospholipids enhances the bioavailability of GBE's active components. The current study therefore aimed to assess the comparative cognitive and mood effects of a low dose of GBE and products complexing the same extract with either phosphatidylserine or(More)
This paper reports a novel method to orient both the axis and direction of cell migration, using an array of tilted micropillars.. It is well known that chemical or mechanical clues can bias the direction of cell migration. However, very few investigations have been done on the base of anisotropy of geometrical features in cell locomotion control. Here, we(More)
Enzyme activity can be easily measured by HPLC using traces of the product itself as an internal standard. Our procedure involved the development of an equation using the experimental data obtained in the kinetic assay. The entire procedure can thus be automated and a computer program is presented here for facilitating the assay and saving time. The(More)
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