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Information security is concerned with the assurance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in all forms. Advances in the field of Information Technology also make Information Security an inseparable part of it. In biometrics, human being needs to be identified based on some characteristic physiological parameters. A wide variety of(More)
A search engine is expected to extract results with the high end accuracy .The basic motto behind the image search engines are no different. It should retrieve the best possible match from the database for the query made. But, the accessible search engines are based on the keywords only. In order to overcome the inefficiencies in this approach, we are(More)
Applications of Graph theory in Cryptography have recently gained momentum. In the last two decades new methods of encryption and decryption using extremal graph theory and expander graphs have been proposed. In this work, new algorithms for binary encoding and decoding are designed. These algorithms use Hadamard encoding by generating random Hadamard(More)
The basic motive of the search engines lies in the fact that, it should be able to retrieve results with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Image search engines are no where exceptional. They should retrieve images from the database which are similar to the query image. Existing image search engines largely depend on the keywords provided by the users for(More)
Privacy-preserving in data mining refers to the area of data mining that seeks to safeguard sensitive information from unsolicited or unsanctioned disclosure and hence protecting individual data records and their privacy. Data perturbation is a privacy preservation technique which does addition / multiplication of noise to the original data. It performs(More)
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