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'Thatcher' backcross lines RL6058 and RL6077 have adult-plant leaf rust resistance and were believed to have Lr34. However, genetic analysis revealed that the genes in the two lines were independent of each other. Previous work demonstrated that Lr34 is located on chromosome 7D. The leaf rust resistance gene in RL6058 must be on chromosome 7DS because no(More)
The Agropyron intermedium chromosome 7Ai #2 is the source of the leaf rust resistance gene Lr38 which was transferred to wheat by irradiation. The chromosomal constitutions of eight radiation-induced rust-resistant wheat-Agropyron intermedium derivatives were analyzed by C-banding and genomic in-situ hybridization (GISH). Five lines were identified as wheat(More)
The inheritance of leaf rust resistance was studied in 13 accessions of the A.E. Watkins wheat collection. Eight of the accessions (V409, V624, V628, V712, V731, V734, V745, and V855) were shown to have gene Lr33 and four of these (V409, V624, V628, and V731) also have LrW. Accessions V624 and V338 have LrB, and V377 and V488 have Lr11. V46 has an(More)
Originally developed for resistance to greenbug derived from Insave rye, Amigo wheat carries two genes for resistance to stem rust. One of these genes is associated with a rye chromosome 1RS segment carrying the Sec-1 protein marker and presumably greenbug resistance. The second gene which is genetically linked to leaf rust resistance is associated with an(More)
Common and durum wheat populations obtained from Sweden and originally collected in Ethiopia were screened for resistance to steum rust and leaf rust. Resistant selections of common wheat were crossed and backcrossed with either stem rust susceptible RL6071, or leaf rust susceptible Thatcher. Genetic studies, based largely on tests of backcross F2 families,(More)
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