P L Diggory

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Topical timolol given for the treatment or chronic simple glaucoma may cause unrecognised bronchospasm among elderly people. We recruited 80 patients aged over 60 years, who were without a history of airways disease and already used timolol, into a randomised crossover study comparing the effects on spirometry and exercise tolerance of changing to betaxolol(More)
  • P Diggory
  • 1983
Of 9733 consecutive serological samples received by Portsmouth and Southampton Public Health Laboratories (PHL) and tested for syphilis, 190 (140 from men and 50 from women) gave positive results. Thirty new cases of syphilis were identified. Most sera were tested initially by both a specific antibody test (the Treponema pallidum haemaglutination (TPHA)(More)
The diagnosis of cancer and the loss of a breast imposes very severe psychological trauma upon any woman. 1st, there is the threat to her life inherent in the diagnosis, and there is her fear that she is now less sexually attractive and that her future sex life may be less secure and satisfying than it was. If, at the same time, she is told that she must(More)
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