P. Kjersgaard

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The importance of Enterobius vermicularis in the pathogenesis of appendicitis is not known. The authors found Enterobius in 38 (12.5%) of 303 appendices removed from children. No evidence was obtained for a pathogenic effect of the parasite in appendicitis: Negative laparotomy was significantly more common in the infested group than in the other children.(More)
One hundred ninety patients with peritonitis at the time of abdominal surgery were allocated at random to systemic antibiotic treatment alone or systemic antibiotic treatment combined with topical application of antibiotics in the wound at the time of wound closure. The overall wound infection rate was 17 percent without significant difference between the(More)
During the period 1951 to 1987, ileorectal anastomosis in one or two seances, depending upon the activity of the disease, was carried out in 63 patients with ulcerative pancolitis. It is concluded that the operative procedure seen in relation to recent continence-retaining types of operation and despite the relatively great frequency of convertion of 20%(More)
We present a patient who had a left mastectomy for breast cancer and 3 years later developed intestinal obstruction due to metastatic spread to the small bowel. The small bowel follow through showed multiple stenoses of the small intestine leading to a variety of differential diagnostic considerations as metastatic spread from breast cancer to the small(More)
From 1962 to 1982 1,623 consecutive patients were curatively operated for colorectal adenocarcinoma. For all patients cancer specific mortality rates were registered and the influence of the following prognostic factors was evaluated: tumour stage and grade, adenomas, age, sex and tumour site. In a multivariate Cox analysis, with backward elimination of(More)
Totally, 185 patients, operated on for a fresh hip fracture, were randomly allocated to either methicillin antibiotic prophylaxis or no prophylaxis and followed for 1 month. Two superficial wound infections were recorded in the prophylaxis group and one in the control group. Prophylactic use of antibiotics in surgery for hip fractures seems unnecessary(More)
Thirty-five patients with anastomotic ulcer after gastric resection for benign ulcer disease were treated with sucralfate (Antepsin) and endoscopically controlled over a 6-month period after termination of the medical treatment. The healing frequency of 75% makes this model a suitable alternative in the treatment of stomal ulcers.
The analgesic efficacy of EMLA cream was compared with infiltration with 1% carbocaine in 13 bilateral vasectomies. Twelve patients preferred infiltration analgesia. EMLA analgesia was only effective in the skin, and had to be supplemented as the incision reached subcutaneous tissue.