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Djenkolic acid was extracted from djenkol beans with 70% ethanol and water and was quantitatively determined by paper chromatography. Djenkol beans contained 0.3-1.3 gm% djenkolic acid and about 93% of this acid occurred in the free state. The toxicity of djenkol beans was studied in 5 rhesus monkeys, 9 albino rats and 22 mice fed with 70% ethanol extracts.(More)
Serum and red cell cholinesterase activities were determined in 2 groups of subjects namely:-I) a group of 10 patients who took organophosphate insecticide and were admitted into the hospital for treatment and II) a group of 65 workers from an organophosphate insecticide factory. Serum cholinesterase levels were considerably depressed in all patients in(More)
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