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Within psychiatric settings, many female clients report experiences of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). In this paper we explore the experience of 10 women who were hospitalized in psychiatric settings, restrained, and given forced medication (FM). All the women have histories that included CSA. Some authors have suggested that the experience of psychiatric(More)
In order to determine the extent to which nurses working in hospitals in the Toronto area experienced abuse, questionnaires were distributed to 2344 nurses working in either a large teaching hospital, a psychiatric hospital or a community hospital. Of the 603 nurses responding to the questionnaire, 199 (33%) had experienced abuse in their last five days at(More)
A 5-day study, forming the initial part of two 32-day clinical trials and involving 22 unipolar depressed inpatients, was designed to determine the relationship between response to sleep deprivation and 24-hour urinary MHPG levels. A statistically significant, positive relationship was noted between the sleep deprivation, modified total HAM-D scores and(More)
In two 4-week studies comparing the salivation of neurotic and endogenous patients, they were found to have reduced salivation in comparison to control group, but no statistically significant differences were noted between the neurotic and endogenous patients or when the two groups were compared with normal subjects. There was a statistically significant(More)
ed data, and appraised risk of bias using the Cochrane risk of bias tool. Random effects meta-analysis was conducted. Results: Nine randomized controlled trials were included after screening 15,676 titles and abstracts and 964 full-text articles. No significant findings were observed for impact on cognition (MMSE: 3 RCTs, mean difference [MD] 0.14, 95%(More)
No satisfactory tests are available to a) document and b) monitor the short term effects of various pharmacological agents on early, and hopefully reversible, organic cognitive impairment in otherwise healthy individuals. A new test battery, Organiform Impairment Test (OFIT), is based on the clinical observation that impairment of the ability to operate(More)
AIM To compare the complications and outcomes of Neuroform and Enterprise stents in the treatment of unruptured wide-necked aneurysms. MATERIALS AND METHODS Under the auspices of the institutional review board, a review of a prospectively collected patient log identified 130 patients who underwent elective stent-assisted coil embolization of a wide-necked(More)
BACKGROUND New government guidance on cooperation in child protection confirms the importance of the general practitioner (GP) contribution. While research highlights the concerns of others about their role in the multi-agency process, relatively little is known about the views and experiences of GPs themselves. AIM To examine the understanding that each(More)