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An analytical system for evaluating class II cavity preparations in primary teeth was developed and tested and then compared with the traditional global (glance and grade) evaluation method with respect to intraexaminer and interexaminer reliability. Fifteen examiners with varied experience in clinical evaluation rated 24 class II cavity preparations in(More)
The discoloration of enamel caused by food substances was found to be superficial and for dentin and cementum ingressive. Discoloration of cementum exceeded that of dentin, and dentin stained more than enamel. Coffee and soy sauce stained the calcified dental tissues more than the cola beverage and tea. The longer the staining time, the deeper was the(More)
This study reports on the validity of a structured, standardized admission interview for dentistry. An entire class of 86 fourth-year dental students at The University of Iowa was studied, and the relationships between information from the interview, faculty ratings, and numerous dental and predental academic data were compared. Many correlations were found(More)
Data were examined concerning dental students' confidence in removable prosthodontic treatment and their attitudes toward elderly persons before and after a ten-week clinical prosthodontic rotation. The Rosencranz and McNevin Aging Semantic Differential (SD) Scale was used to measure attitudes regarding the elderly; another SD was designed to measure(More)