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Experimental Procedures in the Supplemental Information for paradigm description) in children who had been exposed to documented violence at home (n = 20). These children presented with normal levels of anxiety and depression. Brain responses were compared to that of a closely matched comparison group (n = 23; see Supplemental Experimental Procedures and(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND There is widespread interest in measuring organizational readiness to implement evidence-based practices in clinical care. However, there are a number of challenges to validating organizational measures, including inferential bias arising from the halo effect and method bias - two threats to validity that, while well-documented by(More)
BACKGROUND Overtreatment of catheter-associated bacteriuria is a quality and safety problem, despite the availability of evidence-based guidelines. Little is known about how guidelines-based knowledge is integrated into clinicians' mental models for diagnosing catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CA-UTI). The objectives of this research were to(More)
BACKGROUND Catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) is one of the most common hospital-acquired infections. However, many cases treated as hospital-acquired CAUTI are actually asymptomatic bacteriuria (ABU). Evidence-based guidelines recommend that providers neither screen for nor treat ABU in most catheterized patients, but there is a(More)
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