P. Karthikeyan

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In recent years, Electrocardiogram (ECG) plays an imperative role in heart disease diagnostics, Human Computer Interface (HCI), stress and emotional states assessment, etc. In general, ECG signals affected by noises such as baseline wandering, power line interference, electromagnetic interference, and high frequency noises during data acquisition. In order(More)
Mucocele, a common benign cystic lesion of minor salivary gland and associated ducts develops following extravasation or retention of mucous material in the subepithelial tissue. Occurrence of mucocele of tongue is considered less frequent when compared to a higher incidence of mucocele in the lower lip of young patients. Different modalities of treatment,(More)
—This paper describes the mental stress assessment using Electrocardiography (ECG) signal. Stress reflects the changes in heart rates under stressful situation. In this work, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) from ECG signal is used to study the activity of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) under stress states. The Stroop colour word test is used to induce stress(More)
This paper proposes an effective image denoising of gray level images in wavelet transform domain using joint bilateral filter and modified adaptive shrinkage. The input image is first decomposed using 2D-discrete wavelet transform. The multiresolution joint bilateral filtering is then applied to the approximation sub-band of the decomposed image. Flat and(More)
BACKGROUND Age estimation is of prime importance in forensic science and clinical dentistry. Age estimation based on teeth development is one reliable approach. Many radiographic methods are proposed on the Western population for estimating dental age, and a similar assessment was found to be inadequate in Malaysian population. Hence, this study aims at(More)