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Seventy-seven patients with carcinoma of the urinary bladder were investigated by computed tomography (CT) and the results compared with those of pathological staging. The overall accuracy rate was 81% for the estimation of local tumour extension. Perivesical tumour extension was overestimated by CT owing to previous bladder surgery or radiotherapy in about(More)
Since its discovery in the beginning of the XXth century, squalene has been recognized as an important link in metabolic pathways. More recently, it has been further recognized as an intermediate step in the biosynthesis of cholesterol. Its well known antioxidant capability, together with its ability to protect skin, improve the immune system, and modulate(More)
1. 10 Ratten, welche auf B6-freier (sog. Pellagra-Diät) gehalten wurden, erkrankten an typischer symmetrischer Dermatitis (Akrodynie). 7 Tiere erhielten natürliche Flavinphosphorsäure aus Leber. Die Dermatitis wurde in wenigen Tagen vollkommen geheilt. Bei 2 Tieren wurde das 3- bzw. 2mal wiederholt, so daß 10 Fälle mit 10 Heilungen der Dermatitis zur(More)