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Percutaneous puncture of the kidney allows direct access to the pyelocalicial cavities. The posterior approach of this retroperitoneal organ can be complicated of transcolic punctures due to the postrenal position of the colon. A prospective radiological anatomical study of the relationship between the left kidney and the descending colon was undertaken.(More)
The aim of this study was to design a three-dimensional model of the human shoulder girdle. Fourteen muscles were modelled geometrically using robotics software (Solid Dynamics System). A static study in reverse dynamics allowed the forces developed in seven muscles to be studied, particularly in the deltoid and supraspinatus during abduction of the arm(More)
We report, in an adult, an asymptomatic association between cystic dilation of the bile duct (type IV A in Todani's classification) and anomalous pancreatico-biliary ductal union (APBD) with stones in a long common channel. In APBD, the connection between the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct is located outside the duodenal wall andis therefore(More)
Electromyocartographic analysis of the extension of the leg in different positions has shown that: - on the whole energy developped by all superficial muscles of the thigh is more important in the position of dorsal decubitus than in a seated position; - functionnal activity of the rectus femoris muscle varies according to different subjects. Its activity(More)
This work is an attempt to settle the semantics of the pelvic connective tissues based on the international nomenclature (Nomina Anatomica) on the one hand on the other following a study of the macroscopic anatomy together with the microscopic appearances and a functional study together with a radiological study which includes in particular(More)