P. K. Sundararajan

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We study a reversal process in Stokes flows in the presence of weak diffusion in order to clarify the distinct effects that chaotic flows have on the loss of reversibility relative to nonchaotic flows. In all linear flows, including a representation of the baker's map, we show that the decay of reversibility presents universal properties. In nonlinear(More)
We report high fmax and high current InP/InGaAs/InP DHBT in transferred-substrate technology. The common base device with equivalent emitter size of 128 um exhibits fmax of 330 GHz at the current of 100 mA. The common emitter device with emitter area of 64 um shows fmax of 371 GHz when biased at 57 mA. The breakdown voltage of these DHBTs is up to 7 volts(More)
In many important chemical processes, the laminar flow regime is inescapable and defines the performance of reactors, separators, and analytical instruments. In the emerging field of microchemical process or lab-on-a-chip, this constraint is particularly rigid. Here, we review developments in the use of chaotic laminar flows to improve common transport(More)
A method for reducing the two-tone third-order intermodulation products arising from two carrier frequencies at 1.95 and 2.00 GHz is demonstrated in a traveling wave tube-distributed amplifier. The optimum amplitude and phase of an injected second harmonic and the resulting intermodulation suppression of up to 24.2 dB are examined for fundamental drive(More)
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