P. K. Sen

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The present work deals with recognition of handwritten characters of Bangla, a major script of the Indian sub-continent. The main contributions presented here are (a) generation of a database of handwritten basic characters of Bangla and (b) development of a handwritten character recognition scheme suitable for scripts like Bangla consisting of many similar(More)
There is increasing interest in the use of diagnostic rules based on microarray data. These rules are formed by considering the expression levels of thousands of genes in tissue samples taken on patients of known classification with respect to a number of classes, representing, say, disease status or treatment strategy. As the final versions of these rules(More)
This paper considers a wide family of semiparametric repeated measures regression models, in which the main interest is on estimating population-level quantities such as mean, variance, probabilities etc. Examples of our framework include generalized linear models for clustered/longitudinal data, among many others. We derive plug-in kernel-based estimators(More)
In multi-parameter estimation, the Stein rule provides minimax and admissible estimators, compromising on their unbiased-ness. The jackknifing, on the other hand, primarily aims to reduce the bias of an estimator (without necessarily compromising on its efficacy), providing, at the same time, an estimator of the sampling variance of the estimator as well.(More)
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