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Although it is widely accepted that socioeconomic status effects mental health, poverty and class remain neglected areas in formal clinical training. Filling these gaps are certain narratives, stories told about poor people, that question their responsibility, cognitive competence, and moral sensitivity. Integrating community experience and relevant(More)
Father-absent families often function with a lively father-presence conveyed by stories the family members share. The metaphor of "story" proposed by social constructionist and narrative approaches to therapy helps us to conceptualize the role these family stories play. The story metaphor draws attention to four issues: the rendition of what is said and(More)
We studied anticorrelated quantum fluctuations between the TEM(00) and the TEM(01) transverse modes of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser by measuring the transverse spatial distribution of the laser beam intensity noise. Our experimental results are found to be in good agreement with the predictions of a phenomenological model that(More)
PROBLEM/CONDITION Silicosis is an occupational respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of respirable dust containing crystalline silica. Public health surveillance programs to identify workers at risk for silicosis and target workplace-specific and other prevention efforts are currently being field-tested in seven U.S. states. REPORTING PERIOD(More)
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