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Drug delivery devices have received considerable interest in the field of tissue engineering due to the advent of proteins that can induce proliferation and differentiation of various cells to form specific tissues and organs, for example, bone morphogenetic protein (BMP-2) for osteogenesis. In this work the delivery of a clinically relevant bioactive(More)
The sagittal split ramus osteotomy is the most commonly used procedure to reposition the mandible surgically. Because it is more technically difficult and associated with a higher incidence of complications compared with other mandibular osteotomies, thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the mandibular ramus is a prerequisite. Anatomic measurements related(More)
For children with cleft palate, oral function is impaired. The hypothesis is that the stress and strain distribution within the affected maxilla with a cleft during functional tasks such as biting and chewing is abnormal and can significantly affect bone development in the growing child. To test this hypothesis, a three-dimensional finite element model of a(More)
Based upon the idea that both facial appearance and functional outcomes of the craniofacial surgery need to be predicted in the pre-surgery planning stage, a CACSP system has been established. In this system, the input is in vivo CT/MRI scan data of patient with craniofacial deformity, anatomical restoration is simulated using the medical visualization(More)
This preliminary study was conducted to explore different analytical shape methods for use in evaluating children born with cranial vault deformities. Twenty skull outlines from patients with metopic craniosynostosis were ascribed landmarks. Scale, location, and rotational factors were removed using Procrustes analysis. A single index of severity from 0-5,(More)
This paper presents our experience in using FE modeling of clinically relevant cases specifically in mandibular surgery. A semi-automatic procedure integrated with a group of Virtual Basic-based codes has been developed to clean the geometric models. Consequently, the time required for generate the tetrahedral volumetric mesh of mandible from(More)
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