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Noise is a prominent feature of the environment including noise from transport, industry and neighbours. An important part of noise assessment is the actual measurement of the noise levels. Continuous Leq measurement during day time (0600–2100 hr) was carried out in residential, commercial and silence zone location of Bolpur-Santiniketan areas during(More)
Aeromonas hydrophila is frequently reported from arsenic affected areas. Present study was aimed to determine the effect of arsenic and temperature on growth of A. hydrophila. The bacteria were isolated from naturally infected fish from a water body in Birbhum, West-Bengal, India, which is reported to be an arsenic-free area. Arsenic concentration in(More)
The Subarnarekha River is one of the most important east flowing rivers of India. The river in West Bengal and Odisha is site for the Subarnarekha Barrage Project and Kirtania port respectively. The major objectives of the present study were to investigate the pre-projects level of heavy metals in water and sediments of the Subarnarekha River along the(More)
The effect of stone dust deposition on the rate of transpiration in Shorea robusta was studied in three principal seasons in a polluted forest in comparison to an almost non-polluted forest. The extent of particulate pollution was determined by measuring suspended particulate matter in the air and dust fall on leaf surface. Macroscopic and microscopic leaf(More)
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