P.K. Mahapatra

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Sir, EEG monitoring during ECT procedure to measure the duration of seizures has been recommended (American Psychiatric Association, 1990; Freeman et al, 1989). We have designed an EEG amplifier of 2 channels with a gain of 2000 and filter settings of 2Hz (high pass), 40Hz (low pass) and 50Hz (notch filter) and recorded from F3 and F4 referenced to(More)
EEG was recorded from right and left frontal leads during bilateral (n=11) and unilateral (n=l4) ECTs. The seizure EEG was analyzed using East Fourier 'Transform and the spectral power oj the Delta (1-4 Hz) band was computed. The spectral power on both sides was similar in the bilateral ECT. Unilateral ECT produced asymmetry in the early - (first 8 seconds(More)
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