P. K. Krishnan Namboori

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The ApoE gene responsible for the Alzheimer's disease has been examined to identify functional consequences of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Eighty-eight SNPs have been identified in the ApoE gene in which 31 are found to be nonsynonymous, 8 of them are coding synonymous, 33 are found to be in intron, and 3 are in untranslated region. The SNPs(More)
The present work aims at computational analysis of environmentally responsive hydrogels with enormous prospective in the formulation aspect of drug delivery systems. The drug delivery potential of hydrogels to the targets is owing to the specific stimuli responsive nature of the hydrogels. The environmental factors looked upon in the study are changes in(More)
Antimalarial antifolates have been the central drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of malaria. Plasmodium falciparum readily develops resistance to the antifolates pyrimethamine and proguanil through a particular set of mutations in the dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene that results in the less competitive drug binding at the site of the enzyme. Similar(More)
The photochemical reaction is initiated by a charge separation process in the reaction center (RC) complex. Major research in this regard is to analyze the light driven electron transfer and to study the response of the molecule in which the RC is embedded, stabilizing the charge separation process in photosynthesis. In research related to artificial(More)
Aloe vera has an immense role as a natural fighter against all kinds of infection. This is an effective wound healing activator and an efficient anti-oxidant to all type of digestion related problems, arthritis, stress, diabetes, cancer and AIDS. The present study attempts to reveal the multi therapeutic properties of Aloe vera by computational analysis.(More)
Familial cancers, which are in general incapable of exhibiting symptoms at the early onset period of the disease, can become fatal if left undiagnosed. Such cancers turn out to be a great threat through many generations in the long run. The remedial alternative to this is treatment at the genetic level which quite obviously points out to gene therapy. In(More)
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