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The increasing importance of information technology (IT) services in the global economy prompts researchers in the field of information systems (IS) to give special attention to the foundations of managerial and technical knowledge in this emerging arena of knowledge. Already we have seen the computer science (CS) discipline embrace the challenges of(More)
O nline information servers that provide access to diverse databases where users can search for, browse through, and download the information they need have been rapidly increasing in number in the past few years. Online vendors have traditionally charged users for information on the based on the length of the time they were connected to the databases. With(More)
Wireless commerce is viewed as the extension of the Internet-based e-commerce beyond the static terminal of the PC or the Web-TV to the flexible anytime, anywhere, anyplace context of the mobile environment. While many in the industry and popular press seem to equate the world of Internet e-commerce and wireless commerce as one and the same, there are(More)
W e examine the problem of how a content provider, specifically the National Academies Press (NAP), can optimally price the different forms of its product—print and PDF—that it sells online. Whereas products in the traditional product line generally tend to be substitutes, the different content product forms could range from being substitutes to being(More)