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The present study reports the field strength measurements of some GSM transmitters in the 900 MHz band located in the urban and suburban regions of Delhi in India. The measured signal levels converted into path loss values have been compared with the losses predicted from models like Hata, Lee and COST 231 Walfisch & Ikegami. The prediction errors and(More)
This paper attempts to find out the distributed server-based dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA) within liberalized spectrum sharing regulation concept as an alternative to existing regulation based on fixed frequency spectrum allocation schemes towards development of cognitive radio for coverage-based analogy. The present study investigates a scenario where(More)
This paper discusses a new method of generating rural radio network plan for GSM based on ASSET3G parameter tuning and identification of uncovered areas. The network planning has been carried out using digital clutter, terrain and vector data as input to ASSET3G whose default parameters have been fine tuned using measurement data of plane and rolling hill(More)
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