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If G is a graph, then its path graph, Pk(G), has vertex set identical with the set of paths of length k in G, with two vertices adjacent in Pk(G) if and only if the corresponding paths are “consecutive” in G. We construct bounds on the diameter of every component of Pk(G) in form diam(G) + f(k), where f(k) is a function depending only on k. We have a(More)
We propose a design for adaptive optimization of sensory systems. We consider a network of sensors that measure stimulus parameters as well as the uncertainties associated with these measurements. No prior assumptions about the stimulation and measurement uncertainties are built into the system, and properties of stimulation are allowed to vary with time.(More)
INTRODUCTION We present a software framework which enables the extension of current methods for the assessment of cognitive fitness using recent technological advances. BACKGROUND Screening for cognitive impairment is becoming more important as the world's population grows older. Current methods could be enhanced by use of computers. Introduction of new(More)
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