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We have isolated the ypfP gene (accession number P54166) from genomic DNA of Bacillus subtilis Marburg strain 60015 (Freese and Fortnagel, 1967) using PCR. After cloning and expression in E. coli, SDS-PAGE showed strong expression of a protein that had the predicted size of 43.6 kDa. Chromatographic analysis of the lipids extracted from the transformed E.(More)
A processive diacylglycerol glucosyltransferase has recently been identified from Bacillus subtilis [Jorasch, P., Wolter, F.P., Zähringer, U., and Heinz, E. (1998) Mol. Microbiol. 29, 419-430]. Now we report the cloning and characterization of two other genes coding for diacylglycerol glycosyltransferases from Staphylococcus aureus and Arabidopsis thaliana;(More)
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