P. Johansson

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The emergence of Bluetooth as a default radio interface allows handheld electronic devices to be rapidly interconnected into ad hoc networks. Bluetooth allows large numbers of piconets to form a scatternet using designated nodes that participate in multiple piconets. In this work we study the performance implications of forming scatternets from piconets.(More)
A definition of the value of a statistical life is derived. This definition has a meaningful interpretation in terms of the monetary value of expected present value utility if consumption is age-independent. In all other cases, empirical estimates of the value of a statistical life are biased estimators of the monetary counterpart to expected present value(More)
The paper deals with the effect of a lowered speed limit on the number of accidents in which there are fatalities, injuries and vehicle damage on Swedish motorways. Two models extending the Poisson and negative binomial count data models are used for estimation. The extended models account for both overdispersion and potential dependence between successive(More)
The aged dependency ratio or ADR is growing at a fast pace in many countries. This fact causes stress to the economy and might create conflicts of interest between young and old. In this paper the properties of different health insurance systems for the elderly are analysed within an overlapping generations (OLG) model. The properties of actuarial health(More)
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