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In this paper a methodology is put forward to create an Internet-based infrastructure to service and maintain RP-oriented telemanufacturing. The WWW-based Java-enabled Internet computing model is used for implementing remote part submitting, queuing, monitoring, and managing. Control of different access competences allows manufacturing sites and queues to(More)
This paper proposes a novel Accompanied Snake (A-Snake) method for robot motion control considering both path planning and motion control simultaneously. The A-Snake is an elastic path generated in real-time for guiding a robot to navigate from its current position to its target position following a reference path, by considering the robot's nonholonomic(More)
Abstract: An adaptive iterative learning control(ILC) approach is proposed for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems without prior knowledge about system control directions. The Nussbaum-type gain and the positive definite discrete matrix kernel are proposed for dealing with selection of the unknown control gain and learning of the repeatable(More)
RSS feeds provide a fast and effective way to publish up-to-date information or renew outdated contents for information subscribers. So far RSS information is mostly managed by content publishers but Internet users have less initiative to choose what they really need. More attention needs to be paid on techniques for user-initiative information discovery(More)
Large eddy simulation of a three-dimensional spatially developing transitional free methane non-premixed flame is performed. The solver of the governing equations is based upon a projection method. The Smagorinsky model is utilized for the turbulent subgrid scale terms. A global reaction mechanism is applied for the simulation of methane/air combustion.(More)
Conventional Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms often suffer premature convergences. Hybrid algorithms, for instance, the Simulated Annealing-based PSO, present low convergence speeds. In this paper, we develop an Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization (APSO) algorithm to solve unconstrained global optimization problems with highly multimodal(More)
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