P. Ji

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A supply network (SN) is a complex adaptive system, and its structure and collaboration mechanism evolves over time. However, most literature views SN as a static system and the study on the evolution of SNs is very limited. Based on complex adaptive system and fitness landscape theory, this paper first proposes an evolution model of SNs in order to(More)
Nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase (NTP-PPase) functions as one of the mechanisms to guarantee the fidelity of DNA replication through the cleavage of non-canonical nucleotides into di- or monophosphates. Human NTP-PPase is poorly understood and investigated. In the present study, by using tissue microassays with the paired cancer and adjacent(More)
Keywords: New product development Discrete choice analysis Conjoint analysis Fuzzy market demand model Fuzzy regression Uncertainty a b s t r a c t Market demand estimation is an important process to assess the financial feasibility of new product development (NPD) projects. The development of models for market demand estimation involves market potential(More)
In this paper we consider a single machine scheduling problem with deteriorating jobs. By deteriorating jobs, we mean that the processing time of a job is a simple linear function of its execution starting time. For the jobs with chain precedence constraints, we prove that the weighted sum of squared completion times minimization problem with strong chains(More)
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