P. Javier Gamez-Montero

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We study numerically the comparison between Lagrangian experiments on turbulent particle dispersion in 2-D turbulent flows performed, on the one hand, on the basis of direct numerical simulations (DNS) and, on the other hand, using kinematic simulations (KS). Eulerian space-time structure of both DNS and KS dynamics are not comparable, mostly due to the(More)
The technology of gerotor pumps is progressing towards cutting-edge applications in emerging sectors, which are more demanding for pump performance. Moreover, recent environmental standards are heading towards leakage-free and noiseless hydraulic systems. Hence, in order to respond to these demands, this study, which will be referred to as the GeroMAG(More)
A computational simulation and experimental work of the fluid flow through the pneumatic circuit used in a stretch blow moulding machine is presented in this paper. The computer code is built around a zero-dimensional thermodynamic model for the air blowing and recycling containers together with a non-linear time-variant deterministic model for the(More)
“Mechanics” and “Fluids” are familiar concepts for any newly-registered engineering student. However, when combined into the term “Fluid Mechanics”, students are thrust into the great unknown. The present artcle demonstrates the process of adaptaton employed by the Fluid Mechanics course in the undergraduate engineering program, along with the teaching(More)
In this paper we would like to present the current state of analysis and work on the activities carry out in the first year of our studies. The aim of these activities was to study the suction performance of the Gerotor pumps and it is influence on the fluid-borne noise generated. This work is presented in three levels: geometry, simulation and(More)
In this paper is discussed the development and operation of a new Android App made through Google's platform App Inventor 2. This App is focused on solving classic problems related to compressible flow, dealing with the typical cases seen in the subject of Fluid Mechanics of a degree in Aeronautics. It is downloadable from [1], or through the QR code at the(More)
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