P. Janz

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Cochlear ablation triggers cellular and molecular reactions in the adult mammalian central auditory system, leading to complex rearrangements in the cellular networks of the auditory brainstem. The role of microglial cells in these processes is largely unknown. We analyzed morphological and molecular responses as well as cellular affiliations of microglia(More)
The effectiveness of a brief parental-education program for 40 families with very young children was studied. Families were assigned to either a parental-education or waiting-list control group. The parental-education program included information and strategies drawn from developmental and cognitive psychology and social learning theory. Analysis showed(More)
In a longitudinal mouse study we evaluated whether diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can monitor microstructural changes after administration of the neuromodulating drug EPO and whether erythropoietin (EPO) has an effect on cognitive performance. Twelve mice (2 groups with 6 mice each) were scanned in a 7T Bruker Biospin animal scanner with a highly resolved(More)
The predatory larvae of the phantom midge Chaoborus are considered a key factor for zooplankton community structure in freshwater ecosystems. This study analysed C. crystallinus population dynamics and its influence on the zooplankton community structure in ponds by means of different methods of multivariate statistics based on data collected from 19(More)
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