P. Janaki Raman

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This paper proposes a reliable framework for the detection of the least significant bit (LSB) steganography using digital media files as cover objects. Steganographic methods attempt to insert data in multimedia signals in an undetectable fashion. However, these methods often disrupt the underlying signal characteristics, thereby allowing detection under(More)
A detailed understanding of an infectious agent's epidemiology is essential for effectively targeting disease control and elimination measures. Accordingly, locally specific epidemiological understanding is pivotal to the success of malaria elimination in South Africa (SA). Malaria is endemic in northeastern areas of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Mpumalanga and(More)
South Africa (SA) is one of 34 malaria-endemic countries currently targeting elimination of the disease – i.e. no local malaria transmission in a defined geographical area – with the goal to achieve elimination by 2018. In 2009, the SA National Department of Health (NDoH) conducted a comprehensive malaria programme review, aimed at identifying gaps for(More)
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