P. Janaki Raman

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The Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB) is an online, searchable, relational database of structural and functional information on integral, anchored and peripheral membrane proteins and peptides. Data originates from the Protein Data Bank and other databases, and from the literature. Structures are based on X-ray and electron diffraction, nuclear magnetic(More)
This paper proposes a reliable framework for the detection of the least significant bit (LSB) steganography using digital media files as cover objects. Steganographic methods attempt to insert data in multimedia signals in an undetectable fashion. However, these methods often disrupt the underlying signal characteristics, thereby allowing detection under(More)
—Data leaks involve the release of sensitive information to an untrusted third party, intentionally or otherwise. Many vendors currently offer data leak prevention products; surprisingly, however, there is very little academic research on this problem. In this paper we attempt to motivate future work in this area through a review of the field and related(More)
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